Become a volunteer at the Fun Foundation!!

We as the FUN Foundation are able to run thanks to the valuable input and positive energy our volunteers give us. All of us together strive for the worthy cause that is helping the underprivileged people of the Gambian village Aljamdu, focusing on education, healthcare and sports. To achieve this, we could use anyone’s help.

What could you do to help

We are looking for anyone who wants to support the FUN Foundation and Aljamdu and wants to help make our goal possible. Everyone is welcome to help!

We are moreover particularly looking for volunteers to fill the following positions:

  • Audio/visual supporter
  • Marketing & Communications intern

What do you get in return

In addition to great appreciation from other FUN’ers and your immediate environment, this could pose as an opportunity for personal development and growth. Meet new people, a different culture and further develop your skills.



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