Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


1) Why doesn’t the Gambian government build the necessary facilities for the people in Aljamdu?

The government unfortunately does not have the right means to sustain and develop the primary life necessities and prosperity of all of Gambia. This is also why they appreciate the work of foundations like FUN.

2) Who will execute the construction of the school and medical clinic?

FUN will execute this in collaboration with Stichting Bouwen Nederland. This particular orginisation has a lot of experience with construction projects in Africa and will guide us with realising ours.

3) Why isn’t FUN helping in other African countries?

As described in our background, we have a special relationship to Aljamdu and Salikenni. Because we have insufficient means to help more than one group of people at the moment, we choose to focus on making our project in these two villages a success.