The board

The board of the FUN Foundation consists of: 


Ron Brouwer Chairman


‘In 2013 I grasped the opportunity to realise one of my dreams; establishing a foundation by means of which other volunteers and I would be able to contribute to a brighter future for underprivileged children. Initially on the Philippines and now with projects in Gambia.’

Pasfoto Ton

Ton Moes Treasurer


‘When I was growing up, everything seemed to have something obvious about it; a nutritious breakfast, heading to school only to afterwards kick around balls on the street or nearest pitch. Needless to say, you’d join the local football cub.’

In Gambia NONE of these things are obvious. This is why I didn’t need much time at all to consider whether or not I’d like to be a part of the FUN Foundation’s board.’


Irene de Jong Secretary/ Coordinator / Ambassador


‘I have been committed to helping the underprivileged children of this world in the field of sports for many years now. Before February 2018 I was contributing through my own projects aimed at poor children in Turkey, Morocco and India. Subsequently, I decided to join the FUN Foundation, this because we can achieve much more together. The interaction with the Gambian children, such as playing football, dancing and communicating feeds me with plenty of energy to go for it and make sure the school in Aljamdu is realised soon.’

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It is with great pleasure and dedication that the FUN’ers below help out and are committed to the foundation.


Pasfoto Bart

Bart Groot Marketing & Communication


‘Medical care and education are two major aspects in determining your future. For me something natural and obvious, but for many people in this world it is not. Aided by my acquired knowledge of (sports)marketing, I very much enjoy devising and executing cool projects with which FUN will ultimately be able to realise its projects.’


Denzyl Martina Audio-visuel producer


‘I was born on Curaçao, a very limited area with limited resources when it comes to things as education. The FUN Foundation strives to make a difference in exactly this by the construction of a primary school for the youth in Aljamdu. A sustainable project – which really appeals to me. I take great pleasure in being able to do my part with the production of sound and vision, aimed at promoting the foundation.’


Michiel Stofberg Design


‘To elevate the lives of Gambian people, hard work is central at the FUN Foundation. Lots of work for which you get lots in return; happy faces and thankful people. With my background in graphics I try to do my part as to make the world a little bit better. This is where I get my FUN.’


Eduard Dalhuijsen Webmaster


We at I-match hope that with this new website the reach of the FUN Foundation will increase so that they can realize more facilities for the children in Aljamdu. I am glad that we can call ourselves FRIEND of the FUN Foundation. If there is something important in the life of a child, it is education and sports. It’s fantastic to see what the FUN Foundation has already achieved in Aljamdu!


You? Volunteer


Do you wish to help and become a volunteer at the FUN Foundation? Let us know through


Our qualified trainers provide football trainings in Gambia and help train Gambian trainers and coaches.


Ton Rekelhof Trainer


‘Aside from my job as teacher in specialised education, I train amateur football. It would be amazing to educate football trainers in Gambia and be able to give the children trainings. It is so important for children to be able to momentarily forget the worries of everyday life. We can achieve this by offering fun trainings and assist them in their further development. I am glad to be a part of it!’

Pasfoto Jeroen

Jeroen van Hoesel Trainer


‘As founder of ‘Sporfever’, a sports-orientated after school care facility for children aged 4 – 13, I help children with their growth and development. Children in Gambia should have that same opportunity. I find it important to contribute to this cause with my company as well as my experience as youth trainer.’


Ilonka Sloote Trainer


‘I have always wanted to do some kind of volunteer work. The FUN Foundation is a perfect match for me. I love sports, children and Africa. After visiting Gambia for two weeks, I witnessed the necessity present amongst the children. This is the reason I’m now committed to the construction of the school and medical clinic.’

Volunteers in Gambia

Aside from volunteers in the Netherlands, we have a team in Gambia whose mission is to supervise the projects running in Aljamdu and Salikenni.


Wally Baldeh Project Supervisor