And contribute to our elementary school project in Aljamdu.

How you can contribute

In cooperation with the AYA foundation, the FUN foundation is currently working on the construction of a primary school in the Gambian village of Aljamdu. In doing so we are able to help 180 children with what we consider one of the most important tools a child needs for a bright future filled with opportunity; education.

The necessities

To realise the primary school project, the foundations require a minimum of € 35,000. With this amount we will be able to create a school containing six classrooms including school supplies, six toilets, a kitchen, solar panels and a water well. Finally, we will build a wall encircling the entire school premises.

Tax-deductible donations

Naturally we ensure that your contribution – in the form of money or school supplies – reaches the right place. Every little bit helps! Accordingly, it’s good to know that the FUN Foundation has a PBO-status. This means your gift is tax-deductible!