You can help the children of Aljamdu by making a donation to the FUN Foundation. The donations can be made once, or periodically. Naturally we ensure your contribution serves to improve the living conditions of the children. The FUN Foundation’s Public Benefit Organisation (PGO) status even makes it possible for you to make tax-deductible donations.

One-time donation

If you wish to make a one-time donation, we’d like to direct you to our donations page.

A one-time donation is tax-deductible if it meets the following requirements:

  • The FUN Foundation is a Public Benefit Orginisation (PBO);
  • The FUN Foundation does not provide any service in return for the donation;
  • The donation is made voluntarily
  • There is proof of the donation, such as a bank statement;
  • The total sum of the donation is more than the minimum required amount;
  • No more than the maximum can be deducted for any donation.

For one-time donations a minimum and maximum sum applies. The minimum sum is 1% of the minimum income, with a minimum of € 60,-. The gifted amount that exceeds the minimum sum, is deductible.

The maximum sum is 10% of the minimum income. It is not possible to deduct a sum greater than the maximum.

Periodic donations

If you wish to support us by making donations on a yearly, monthly or 3 month basis, we’d advise you to plan periodic transactions in your personal bank space in the name of ‘Football Unlimited Netherlands’ with account number NL36ABNA0596823355.