Various companies, schools, associations and private individuals continue to show wholehearted support for the children of Aljamdu. You could support them too by making a sponsor-contribution and collaborating with us. Together we build on a bright future!

For buisiness

Various companies can already call themselves ‘Friends of FUN’. Not only do they support us from a place of charity but also by their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy.

As a business there are many ways to show support. Aside from donations, your company might organise an annual event of which the FUN Foundation could be a part. Perhaps your company has materials which can be useful for the construction of the school or medical clinic.

Do you wish to support us as a company in one way or another, let us know! Have a look at our sponsor packages and contact us.

Private individuals

As private individual you not only have the possibility to make a donation, but also to sponsor FUN. An idea would be for you to organise a fun sponsored run, or you would whip up some delicious cupcakes and sell them to friends and family. Good idea, right? Head over to the action page now and start your own sponsor activity!


Do you as a school organise an annual Christmas market, or is ‘Gambia’ perhaps the central theme of one of your projects? A good reason for you to involve the FUN Foundation or present us as a charity. We would love to assist you with useful information and the adornment of your idea or project!


As member of or volunteer at a sports club you understand like no other the pleasures of being able to exercise and the benefits this has on your development. The children of Aljamdu unfortunately don’t find themselves in the same happy environment. Would you as an association or club like to help us achieve this for everyone? You can! An idea would be for you to organise a collection during half time at your next game, or have yourself sponsored for every goal that is scored. Additionally, you might help by putting up a FUN-banner around your main field or court. This helps us to elevate the brand awareness of the foundation.

What’s in it for you?

In addition to great appreciation from other FUN’ers and your immediate environment, this could pose as an opportunity for personal development and growth. 

Bekijk hier de mogelijkheden voor jouw bedrijf: